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About Us

About LH Extensions

Ladies Hair Extensions is a company based in Switzerland committed to provide the highest quality real human remy hair products in the market for affordable prices..

Our hair quality is 100% virgin remy human hair (Unprocessed-natural) and remy human hair (processed – colored) of the premium segment.

We sell wefted hair, bulk hair, ponytails, micro ring loops, tape hair, keratin bondings wigs, half wigs and clip in hair, in retail and wholesale.

LH-Extensions originates from a wide variety of countries, all our products are high quality made.

Our hair can be used for multiple installations, because they do not tangle or shed, they are stronger, healthier, silky, full of body, lustrous in texture, and has incredible movement.

The intact cuticles protect the hair from tangling and gives it longlasting soft hair. You can wash, colour, blow dry, and straighten it.

You can rest assured you will be completely satisfied with the quality of LH-Extensions.

Get now your great choice of 100% high quality virgin remy and remy human hair products of different lenght, colours and styles


Step up your healthy hair care routine with tips and advice

In all cultures and throughout history hair has had a special significance. Hair is a natural human beauty accessory and is full of symbolic importance as a means of personal expression.

Hair is chemically composed of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and sulphur. The main constituent of hair is keratin, a scleroprotein that has great chemical resistance and mechanical strength.

The origins of damage to the hair structure lie mainly in external influences, which can be of mechanical (combing extreme brushing..), chemical ( bleaches,dyes,perms.) or physical ( heat from hairdryer, intensive exposure to sun..) reasons.

Therefore the hair is depending on various modulation for its quality.

LH Extensions is prudent to only choose the best raw hair for our Extensions. Not only the choice of the hairquality is essentiell,also the precise workmanship, the handling of material, maschine and dyers in order to meet the hight quality requirments of LH Extenions.

LH Quality

Hair Care

Caring for Your LH-Remy Hair Extensions We offer our clients a unique experience for hair care.
  • Make sure you support your attachment when brushing your hair.
  • Brush your hair starting from the bottom, gently work your way up before washing it.
  • When washing the hair, always wash it going in downward motion.
  • Use a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.
  • Use your fingers in a horizontal motion between the wefts or the braids to clean your scalp. When rinsing, do the same to be sure that all the shampoo and conditioner are washed out.
  • Do not sleep on wet hair.
  • Before you sleep, we recommend you to brush your hair starting from the bottom, gently work your way up before you wrap or ponytail all your hair together.
  • If you have braid hair extensions run your fingers through the braids before you wrap or ponytail your hair.
  • LH extensions, are 100% real human remy hair and should be treated as normal hair and washed regularly to maintain its natural shape.

Remy Hair

What is single drawn hair ?

Single drawn hair will have different lengths of hair sewn into a weft. So if you purchased 20″ length hair, some strands will be as short as 16″.

What is double drawn hair?

Double drawn hair will have the shorter hair strands removed, so that all of the hair strands are very close to the same length.

What is virgin donor hair?

Virgin donor hair is unprocessed human hair which is collected ( cut ) from a single person. It is hair that has not been damaged by perms, dye, or bleach.

What is Raw Remy Human Hair ?

Raw remy hair is also unprocessed human hair, which hasen t been dyed, bleached or damaged by perms. This hair can originate from one Person (cuthair) or from different donors.

Remy Hair
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